Straight Line Wire Drawing Machines

Straight Line Wire Drawing Machines were developed for straight or deflection free drawing of wire to provide better drawability lower frictional contact and lower operator interference.

Theoretically there is no limit as far as the wire material or wire diameter is concerned to be drawn on these machines. Meenakshi Wire Product has pioneered to indigenously develop the Straght-Line Wire Drawing Machine Technology in India. Presently the range available is capstan diameter 900mm, 750mm, 600mm, 550mm, 500mm, 460mm, 400mm and 300mm for inlet wire diameter 16mm down to 0.5mm. Line speeds upto 22 Mtrs / Sec.

These heavy Straiht Line Wire Drawing Machines provide remarkable drawing performance for Low, Medium and High Carbon Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Wire and special Alloy Steel Wire and Non-Ferrous Alloy Steel Wire.

This machine has a sensor roller between the drum and the next die such that the wire passes in contact with this roller. These rollers have sensors to detect the position of the arm and maintain tension on the wire by regulating speed of the drums. The drums of this machine are inclined to the vertical axis to effect fill on the drums. Principally this machine is best suited for thick wires.