Spring Wire

Spring wire is high-tensile strength wire, different from mild steel wire, and is classified as high-carbon spring wire, piano wire, music wire, shaped wire and oil- tempered wire. These high-tensile strength wire products are manufactured according to product function, and thus are widely used in various industries including automotives, high-tech and precision machines, and auto parts.

It has been acclaimed as superior quality springs used in various precision machines, electronic communication equipment and auto parts. Oil-tempered wire is put to use as an essential part of engine valve springs, clutch springs, and die springs that are subjected to repetitive stress and are used widely in the automobile and other industries.

MWP provides a variety of products to the premier automobile companies and is recognized for its excellent quality and technology.

In the future, MWP promises to keep improving customer service and delivery standards. By sectioning the market and product lines, competitiveness will be enhanced. MWP will also concentrate on high-tech development through joint research with related companies such as automobile, machinery, construction and other related enterprises.