Specialized Die Boxes

Our Rotating Die Boxes are meant for improved performance, die life and wire quality. We offer the complete range of rotating die boxes, which cover a wide range of sizes and applications. Our rotating die boxes are available for both single and pressure dies.

We offer a range of robust Motorized Soap Applicator Die Box that are used in Wire Drawing Industry for lubricant enhancement and labour reduction. All the die boxes are manufactured from premium quality raw materials that offer outstanding efficiency and durability. We offer die-boxes in customized specifications too.

Wire Size Range : 16mm to 0.6mm

Model : AMS-1/AMS2/AMS3

Die Case Sizes : 43x28 / 53x35 / 70x40

Benefits of : Better Lubrication

Soap Applicators : Very Long Die Life

Very Long Die Life

Better Product finish

Lower drawing temperatures

Increased drawing speeds

Almost zero lubrication failure


We offer a range of Rotating Die Boxes without Water Cooling for skin pass dies that have improved wire drawing efficiency and die life. Available in several sizes, our range efficiently meets the entire wire drawing requirements. We also offer customized Rotating Die Boxes for skin pass dies. 

The Advantages: