About Us

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to all those who have supported MWP over the years. Since our establishment in 2001, we have spearheaded India’s special steel wire industry through endless technological innovations. We have also aggressively entered numerous markets throughout the country in order to become the industry leader.

MWP has been advancing one step at a time, with a strong conviction to abide by the basic principles and not to fear change. And above all, we are preparing ourselves for the future and for the changes that will come.

Guided by expert management, we have been extremely proactive in responding to the rapidly changing future. We have continuously invested in technological innovations and quality improvement. Furthermore, by expanding our production base and sales network, we are becoming a truly national company.

In order to ensure the greatest convenience and safety, as well as a prosperous future for our customers, MWP and its entire staff are committed to becoming a world-class steel manufacturer by focusing our efforts on what we do best. Regards, Jitendra Tyagi Meenakshi Wire Products (MWP) is one of the leading steel wire manufacturers in northern India. It manufactures steel wire, wire nails, hard drawn wires, high carbon wires, spring steel wires, barbed wires, etc. The companys three manufacturing units are located in and around Ghaziabad and its corporate office is located at Ghaziabad.